Making “something” out of “nothing” has been a lifelong skill, starting with the childhood experiences of my family’s antique, vintage clothing and costume shop.  ”Second hand”, “yard sale” and “thrift store” were all terms I was very familiar with, and my mother’s ability to see the beauty and POTENTIAL in almost anything is actually a genetic trait that passed directly to me.  I would ultimately get my degree in costume design, and anyone that knows academic theatre, knows there are never big budgets for producing the shows we, as students, would hon our skills on.  So again, utilizing that ability to create from what is available, served me well.

As we move into the age where SUSTAINABILITY, RE-CYCLING, RE-PURPOSING, ETC ETC…..have become catch phrases and trendy practices, for me…it’s like the rest of the world is finally catching on.  The combination of upbringing, eduction, and personal preference, had already made me an artist (and citizen) whose go-to resource was the dumpster…or at least the thrift store!  Finally…people are understanding the value of utilizing found objects, starting with the fundamental  palette of “what’s there” versus just purchasing and consuming what’s presumably “needed”. Taking all that into account, it was natural, almost necessary, that HUESOS HERMOSOS be built on this fundamental practice of utilizing found objects.  Taking it a step further, there is also a metaphoric relationship between giving new life to somewhat “dead” materials, and the fact that the core inspiration of the work comes from a celebration of the dead.  Regardless of the metaphors and trends, it just feels “right” to re-use


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  1. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that Wayne has given me some credit for his artistic development. We have done projects together since he was a small boy and I was constantly amazed at his God given talent. This project is absolutely stunning and everyone who sees it will be amazed. God bless and you go Wayne!!!! MOM

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